Meet our girls . . .

We have five different kinds of chickens who lay three different colors of eggs:


ISA Brown


*  Each of our chicken types lay different colored eggs: blue, white, and brown.

*  They are free range and raised all natural. They are outside every day, no matter the weather. The choice to go out or stay in is theirs. They go into the safety of their coop at night.

*  They are fed good quality, highly nutritious layer feed, as well as meal worms, and good quality scratch in the winter for extra calories to help them stay warm. In the summer and fall, they get to eat fruits and vegetables from our garden, when available.

*  No steroids or antibiotics - ever!

*  All hens are raised by us, starting as chicks.

*  When our hens are no longer laying regularly due to their age or injury, they are placed in our retirement coop to live out their natural lives.  Sometimes they are re-homed to folks who want pets or who want some occasional fresh eggs to eat. They are never killed for food!



Pearl Leghorn

calico eggs.jpg

Calico Princess

blue bell eggs.jpg

Prairie Blue Bell