Our Story . . .

We always knew we wanted another farm since we last had one when we were living in Ohio.  We found a 31 acre farm in Belvidere, TN, which had tillable land plus some woods, so we went all in.  Since we had lots of room to work with, we decided we wanted some chickens.  So we bought lots of chicken books and magazines to get up to speed.  Ultimately, our first 18 chickens were mostly all dual purpose, and 9 different breeds to see which we liked the best. 

Low and behold, we started accumulating eggs.  Eventually we approached a local store near our home to see if they were interested in farm fresh eggs.  Once the owner used our eggs, she wanted more!  So we planned to get a few more chickens to make sure we could provide a steady supply for her store.  Then the chicken math happened.  For those of you who aren't familiar with chicken math, it is first the feeling you get when you justify buying "a few more chickens", and then a few more, and then before you know it, you have a lot of chickens!  It is a common affliction for those who love their chickens.


Inside of  5 years we have accumulated over 290 laying hens who provide us with their wonderful eggs that we sell to the bakery, at the farmers market, and of course, to individual buyers who want the goodness of farm fresh eggs.

We find it rewarding to grow our own food through the hens, and they are treated like the wonderful resource and creatures that they are.  Not only do they provide us with food; they have also shown us that community rules are important for all and that getting along is in the best interest of the community.  Not a bad way of looking at living!

multicolored eggs.jpg
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